• 5 Things You Should Know About GEW Fort Worth 2020
    This year we have over 80 sessions during the week so there will be something for everybody’s taste. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about GEW FW this year.
  • GEW Session Guide for 2020
    Global Entrepreneurship Week is back again in Fort Worth…in a whole new way! Due to COVID, an all-virtual, all free event in 2020 is going to change how the people in DFW can participate in GEW!
  • Innovator Spotlight: Vanessa and Taylor of The Welman Project
    Have you ever wondered what a fabric store does with all their fabric scraps? Or maybe that clothing manufacturer that has boxes and boxes of last season’s clothing line that they aren’t able to sell? How about a restaurant that changes their logo […]
  • Fort Worth Private Equity Funding
    In a previous blog post, we looked at early stage capital investment in Fort Worth, and where the city stood in comparison to other Texas and US cities. We established that Fort Worth doesn’t have a lot of early stage capital, but it turns […]
  • Innovator Spotlight: Jakayla Dixion of Feel the Color
    Have you listened to the Innovate Fort Worth podcast featuring entrepreneur Jakayla Dixion? This young lady was able to see a need for a community of individuals and allow them to do something as simple as navigate the world of fashion with independence. Here […]
  • Electrifying Funkytown: Linear Labs + Fort Worth
    The City of Fort Worth finalized an economic incentive package deal with Linear Labs in June that provided a nearly $70 million Research and Development (R&D) grant for the innovative, electric-motor company. This package represented the first use of this R&D tax credit […]
  • Innovator Spotlight: Hunter Ferrell of Linux Academy
    Hunter Ferrell is the former CFO of Linux Academy (now known as A Cloud Guru), an online platform for training and educating the future of cloud creators. “Clouds” are referred to as a web-based data center that an individual or a business can access, […]
  • Early Stage Investments in Tarrant County at the Municipal Level
    In this blog we’re going to take a look at all the early stage investment deals in Tarrant County since 2015, including a breakdown at the individual municipality (town or city) level. While most of our prior data-heavy blog posts have focused on […]
  • Agile Development Explained for Your Grandparents
    How can you understand what SCRUM is if you’re not a tech entrepreneur? Here’s a short story that should help explain it in simple terms.
  • Innovator Spotlight: Melissa Ice of The Net and The Worthy Co.
    When starting a business, it is hard to find the “need” in the market. Ice saw a need to help those in poverty, but also not seeing help as a “charity case”, and instead wanted to build lasting relationships.
  • What I Learned This Summer
    I will forever be grateful for all the experience I gained, the knowledge I attained, the connections I found, and the memories I made. In honor of my departure, I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned throughout my time the past few months.
  • Innovator Spotlight: Kari Crowe-Seher of Melt Ice Creams
    A new episode of the Innovate Fort Worth podcast dropped last Tuesday with Kari Crowe-Seher, the founder of Melt Ice Creams. Most everyone likes, and dare I say, loves ice cream. Most people would also agree that eating ice cream brings them a certain amount […]