Announcing our Favorite Innovators of 2023

There is so much exciting innovation happening in Fort Worth in  many different areas of our city. But, who were some of the Innovate Fort Worth podcast teams favorites in the last year?  Kendel Rogers, the producer of the podcast, Rob Upchurch, the technical producer and Cameron Cushman, the host, share their favorite innovators on the most recent episode of the show.  

Who was your favorite Fort Worth Innovator guest in 2023?

Kendel Rogers

I have two actually. 

My first was Jose Alfaro from co-starters (Episode 83). We interviewed him at the beginning of the year. I love what he is doing for communities around the nation. We are so lucky to have him in Fort Worth running this national organization from right here in our hometown. He’s been so involved in our local community. He’s very educated on how to build entrepreneurial communities and is really quick to find local problems and see how he can solve them. He is a big win for Fort Worth. 

My second is Karen Meadows from the Simulation Labs here at HSC (Episode 84). Her work is so important for the future of medical education for our students and for future providers in our area. Her work is helping the health science community in general and not just here in Fort Worth. The possibilities are endless for her work.  

Rob Upchurch

I also have two. When you work with all of these innovators behind the scenes, it is hard to pick just one!

My favorite innovator of 2023 is DJ Perera (Episode 97). I think it is absolutely wonderful what he is doing for students in the Eagle Mountain Saginaw school district. He is teaching them to be innovative and entrepreneurial with their craft and their art forms. I grew up in a rural school district and didn’t have many  opportunities to learn art the way that he is teaching his students. He is really sticking his neck out for his students and young people who are looking to pursue art as a potential career.  

My second is Scotty Scott (Episode 86). I am a big-time foodie, so I love all things about food. But the real reason is that I got a text message from my mom and it was a picture of Scotty on The Today Show. And she said, “Oh my gosh, this guy is from Fort Worth. Maybe you should have him on that podcast that you work on?” And I got to say that I have met Scotty before and that he is a great guy and that I can’t wait to try those grilled cheeses that he makes.  

It was a fun year for creative and innovative people having fun while they are doing their thing. 

“Oh my gosh, this guy is from Fort Worth. Maybe you should have him on that podcast that you work on?” -Rob Upchurch’s Mom

Cameron Cushman

My choice for favorite innovator this year was actually from our 100th episode, John Goff (Episode 100).  

He is a great local businessman and has been in Fort Worth since the early 1980s. He has helped grow and transform this city during his career. I can’t think of someone who has done more for innovation in Fort Worth in the last few years.  

He was so generous and gracious with his time and he even let us rearrange his office so we could record the episode. I love how that episode turned out. It is such an interesting history of the business of Fort Worth and I don’t think most people realize all  the important, interesting and accomplished people that are coming and going to and from Fort Worth all the time. Fort Worth has been on the map as an investment and business capital for much longer than most Fort Worthians realize.  

These are some of our favorite innovators in Fort Worth this year. Who are your favorite innovators in Fort Worth? 

To learn more about these innovators and hundreds of others, you can check out the Innovate Fort Worth podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts. And stay tuned to HSC Next for more updates and features of innovators and entrepreneurs in and around Fort Worth.  

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