Author - Marco Johnson

Avoiding Cofounder Mistakes

We discuss the top mistakes that founding teams make that end up impeding or killing companies. We share advice for how to avoid these mistakes, general tips for finding a cofounder and setting up your founding team for success, and access to tools to help new cofounding teams.

Accessing the Right Capital at the Right Time to Grow Your Business

One of the first questions that entrepreneurs ask when they decide to launch a business is: where am I going to find the money to do this?   Sparkyard has the answer for you. Meet the Capital Growth Circuit. We developed this tool to help entrepreneurs answer this question no matter what stage their company is. Whether it’s an idea on the back of a napkin or an established company generating revenue, there are always sources of capital to help you get to the next level.   The structure may look familiar to people who are acquainted with our original Growth Circuit that charts...

Fort Worth-ophilia Part 2: Supporting Fort Worth’s Creative Class

In our previous post on Fort Worth-ophilia, we discussed what topophilia is, how a thriving creative class and high quality of life are positively correlated, and why a vibrant and supported creative class is the foundational ingredient for a thriving entrepreneurial community. In this post, we will identify ways we can all support our local creatives to make sure they stick around and fall in love with their city... in this case, Fort Worth.   Artists help define the identity of a community through their art and creating an authentic feeling that gives a community a unique look and feel. Our local...

GEW Fort Worth 2021 Overview

For the second year in a row, GEW Fort Worth was the largest GEW chapter in the USA with 135 sessions and over 4,700 attendees. After going fully virtual in 2020, our organizing team took the pulse of our community and determined that there was an appetite for both in-person and virtual events in 2021.

Launch and Grow Your Company with the Sparkyard Growth Circuit!

Sparkyard celebrated its one-year anniversary in November during Fort Worth’s third annual Global Entrepreneurship Week. In 2019, we were excited to become the central connection point between local entrepreneurs and the resources available to help them launch and grow their companies. We made great strides during our first year by providing one-on-one support to over 90 entrepreneurs, creating nearly 50 customized Spark Plans (action plans), making 260 referrals to our resource network of 50 partners, and hosting nearly 9,000 users on the website. Through trial and error and plenty of data analysis, we discovered that some of the most popular...