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Dr. J Mack Slaughter , Safe Life Vending

Why Sparkyard?

It can be confusing to know what local resources are available to entrepreneurs. Sparkyard is your guide for accessing the right resources at the right time to launch and grow your company.

Fort Worth recently became the 13th largest city by population in the US. However, when compared to peer cities and other cities in TX, our entrepreneurial ecosystem is underdeveloped with fragmented and siloed resources. This makes it difficult for entrepreneurs see a clear map of resources and to access those resources at the right time, resulting in Fort Worth companies not getting the help they need to grow and many entrepreneurs not founding companies in the first place. Sparkyard is the remedy to these gaps. UNTHSC, the City of Fort Worth and TCU partnered to launch a free platform that connects entrepreneurs to the right resources at the right time.rnrnThe name Sparkyard breaks down into two components:rnrn“Spark” denotes action, kinetics, urgency, and speed. These are the words that represent how we will develop our entrepreneurial ecosystem.rnrn“Yard” pays homage to Fort Worth’s very first entrepreneurial activity: the historic stockyards that are responsible for the existence of our city today. Yard is also a gathering place where family, friends, neighbors and colleagues come together to share ideas and get projects done (think of your front and backyards). Yard also harkens to our numerous railyards, which are a prominent part of our city that helps drive commerce.rnrnThe logo is derived from the technical illustration of an electrical circuit, reinforcing the kinetic and speed aspects of the name. The logo is outfitted with art deco elements that are proudly on display in our historic downtown and throughout the city.

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