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Dr. J Mack Slaughter

Dr. J Mack SlaughterFounder - Safe Life Vending

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Jobs Report

Startups play a significant role in job creation in Fort Worth and Tarrant County, with firms 0-1 years old accounting for almost 10% of the new jobs created in the county in 2018. In total, new firms in Tarrant County created 25,157 jobs in 2018.


Comparison Data

Where does Fort Worth rank inside and outside of Texas when compared to other cities? Fort Worth is now the 12th largest city by population, but how do we rank when comparing economic factors?


Startup Investment

Companies based in the City of Fort Worth raised an average of $17 million in early-stage funding from 2015-2020. An entrepreneur in Fort Worth can expect to raise $17 per person, while an entrepreneur in Austin can expect to raise $702 per person.

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