Find Your Way on the Sparkyard Growth Circuit

How to Use the Sparkyard Growth Circuit

Let Sparkyard be your first call (or web visit or email) when you need help planning, starting, funding, growing or accelerating a business in Fort Worth. Whether you want to turn your side hustle into a business, start a food truck or restaurant, or turn that innovation into global sensation, Sparkyard makes entrepreneurship easier by connecting you with the right resource in our area. Connect to over 50 business-building organizations by using the Sparkyard Resource Navigator.

As you can see below, there are two Growth Circuit options to choose from. Version 1.0 helps you identify your company type and lists the 22 Steps that companies go through from inception to maturity. Version 2.0 uses the same Growth Circuit structure as 1.0 but also shows where each of our 50+ Resource Partners provide assistance to entrepreneurs. Read this blog post to find more information on both versions.

  1. Find the type of business you’re starting or growing: Microenterprise, Second-stage, Main Street or Innovation-led. Click here to find where your company fits. 
  2. Follow your circuit to find resources, available to any business, from inception to maturity, and every stop in between. Use our Resource Navigator to seamlessly connect to the resource(s) you want to contact.
  3. Still have questions? Call or click to get your free Spark Plan, resources tailored to your business, your goals and your next steps.

Download your preferred version of the Growth Circuit now! Please note that both versions are two pages (front & back) and both will print with a white background to spare your printer’s ink. 

Download Version 1.0

Download Version 2.0