Meet the Companies of Techstars Physical Health Fort Worth Accelerator 2023

Get to know the startups in the Techstars Physical Health Fort Worth second year’s accelerator cohort. Check out the companies and their innovative solutions for addressing the challenges and opportunities that exist in the world of Physical Health. 

Brilliantly: The flagship product, Brilliantly Warm provides flexible and safe warmth for your entire body, all from your bra. Our wearable warms up your whole body invisibly under your clothes and effectively at your core.

Comeback Mobility: The ComeBack Mobility Smart Crutch Tips are an IoT biofeedback device & mobile app to guide patients on how to apply the right amount of force to the recovering limb while using their crutches at-home. The solution is designed to improve compliance to rehabilitation protocols for the patient, hence expediting recovery and reducing the number of revision surgeries.

Comma: An integrated period care company bringing menstrual health to reproductive health. We are building the first HIPAA-compliant period tracking app. We are also developing a biodegradable tampon with potential for add-on laboratory services, unlocking menstrual blood as a biomarker.

Hera Fertility: A digital-first fertility clinic offering technology-driven diagnosis, telehealth consultations, and personalized treatment plans for both women and men relating to infertility including assisted reproductive technology services. Hera has three products: Hera Discovery (telehealth diagnosis services), Hera Support (app to manage ongoing care and access to fertility care team), & loan financing for patients.

Lubu Technologies: AI-powered Fitness Coaching Insoles. These smart insoles are designed to reduce fitness-related injuries and improve performance. The collected data is processed by proprietary AI algorithms, providing the user with digestible, actionable insights about their performance, injury risks, and potential areas of improvement.

Maya AI: A self-learning agent that sits on any LLM and through fact checking Maya can instantly train from raw data. It’s a voice-based Ai agent that helps scientists to extract data, update documentation, and create proposed actions plans from changing data. Works on real-time and historical data, and both public and private sources.

Pulse Charter Connect: Providing a digital SaaS solution for Critical Healthcare Logistics – being faster, less expensive, safer and improving transplant success rates for organ patients. We automate an antiquated and inefficient process of organ transport logistics. We are taking on the beachhead market of logistics for transporting human organs, in the air and on the ground.

Somos: Building a Healthcare & Wellness Super App for Latin Americans, starting with a version that aggregates body signals from glucose sensors, wearables, and lab tests to help people with pre-diabetes and diabetes understand how their body reacts to food and habits.

Vessl Prosthetics: Every 30 seconds, a leg is amputated and all amputees struggle with their prosthetic socket fit. Vessl’s patent-pending isoform socket is the only socket that automatically adjusts to changes in leg size, thereby empowering amputees to move comfortably and increasing the profitability of prosthetists’ clinics.

Xplosion Technology: A digital health platform aimed at adolescent diabetes management with a strong emphasis on health equity. Through the integration of advanced technologies like machine learning and real-time data analysis, Xplosion provides personalized support and tools to facilitate effective self-management of diabetes. By enhancing patient engagement, empowerment, and overall well-being, Xplosion addresses the specific needs of adolescents and promotes health equity in diabetes management.

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