Top 9 Newsletters Every DFW Entrepreneur Needs to Be Subscribed To

Ready to fill your inbox with local startup news, tips and tricks of the trade, as well as access to resources to innovative communities? Well here is our top list of newsletters every DFW entrepreneur should subscribe to.

1. Spark Plug – Sparkyard’s Monthly Newsletter 

Get an overview of the big events that are happening the following month, along with opportunities for funding, grants, or pitch competitions. Also get clued in on our most updated blogs and Innovate Fort Worth podcasts. And as always, Sparkyard is the hub for free resources for startups and entrepreneurs on the west side of the metroplex.

2. Dallas Innovates – DFW Daily Newsletter 

When it comes to the startup nitty-gritty in Dallas Fort Worth, search no further. Dallas Innovates is your source for upcoming startup news, the movers and shakers, trends, and events.

3. TechFWTechFW’s Weekly Newsletter 

TechFW is Fort Worth’s local incubator who is putting the “tech” in Texas. They are connected all over North Texas, so finding support in their network is a breeze. Whether you want to join one of their comprehensive programs, access their resources or tools, discover capital or more, TechFW is a great place to start. Through their weekly newsletters, you are in the know about their portfolio companies and more opportunities to get involved.

4. Fort Worth ReportFort Worth Daily Local News 

Fort Worth Report covers more than just startups. The “free, fair, and local” news source is covering everything in the local community.

5. NTX InnoNorth Texas Innovation Weekly Newsletter 

When it comes to innovation in North Texas, NTX Inno has you covered. They consolidate information across North Texas about the most pressing news through an innovation lens. They also include interesting features such as a calendar and a startup careers directory.

6. The DEC – A weekly newsletter on entrepreneurship in Dallas and beyond. 

The Dallas Entrepreneurship Center is the hub of entrepreneurial activity in DFW. Get the latest on entrepreneurship, innovation, and startups in North Texas, and stay in the know of available resources, tools, events, and community.  

7. BioNTX Biotech in North Texas Weekly Newsletter 

BioNTX is highlighting biotechnology in North Texas, from academia to startups. Check out the latest news happening in biotech as well as events and resources for researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and policymakers alike.

8. The Startup DigestIndustry & Regional Startup News 

The Startup Digest is a great source for all startup information based on industry, topic, region, and more. Select specifically what you are interested in, straight from Techstars, the international accelerator. 

9. Texas SquaredTexas Startup Monthly Newsletter 

This newsletter is a bonus! Texas Squared is sharing resources and news from across all Texas’ big cities startup and innovative hubs. It is great to look at what is happening across all the cities on a Texas-sized scale.

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