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SBA Certification Matrix & Selling to the Government

Explore certifications at the corporate, federal, state, and local government levels. You will also learn how to utilize them to improve your bottom line. Presented by: Nancy N. Alvarez. She serves as the Head of the 8(a) Business Development Program for the U.S. Small Business Administration, Fort Worth/Dallas District Office. This is a free event and presented for easy viewing online.

How to start selling in Amazon’s store

Learning Objectives: Learn if you’re ready to start selling in Amazon’s store, what to sell and when Learn how to start selling in Amazon’s store, to include listing and delivering your products Learn how to grow and scale your brand online, to include resources and programs Amazon has to help enable success for small businesses and entrepreneurs Presenter: Dan Corcoran is a Program Manager at Amazon where his focus is on driving the success of small business owners, and working with teams across the company to deliver programs that support their continued growth. Daniel joined Amazon in July of 2021 as an Area Manager...

How to Start My Own Small Business

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Anybody thinking about stepping out on their own. WHAT THEY WILL LEARN? What are the first steps? What should I be thinking about? What are my first steps? Have you been dreaming of starting your own business, but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you’ve started a business but are feeling stagnant and having trouble taking your business to the next level? Perhaps you’ve been networking, doing lunches, coffee dates, and joining organizations, but aren’t quite sure how to build, retain and maximize relationships or turn these into profits? Do you have business cards, a website, even great leads but you haven’t...

Simple Steps to Starting Your Business

Do you dream about starting a business? You're not alone - millions of Americans share that dream. And yet, not everyone has the courage to get started. If you're ready to branch out on your own, this workshop is for you. Proper planning is key. One myth is that the majority of small businesses fail. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, after two years in business, the majority of startups succeed; after five years, about half fail and half succeed. Proper planning and hard work is the only way to guard against failure. You are on the right track with...

How Technology is Innovating (and Improving) Global Financial Markets

Today’s financial markets are deeply dependent on technology to improve their function and enable expanded access to all participants. But why is technology so fundamental to modern markets? In this month’s Austin Forum, Optiver’s Scott Richardson and Luke Wilson will walk us through the role of financial markets in today’s society and how technologies, like machine learning and reprogrammable hardware, make modern financial markets possible.​