RevTech Ventures

Seed capital and mentorship for startups working at the intersection of retail and technology.


RevTech Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in retail technology. Our mentors have over 1,000 years of cumulative experience in the retail industry. RevTech focuses on entrepreneurs and technology innovation in retail technology. We have been the catalyst for over $250 million of startup capitalization. Our focus is to accelerate the growth of top-tier, retail tech startups. This is accomplished through seed funding, mentorship, and strategic connections. Very often we serve as a catalyst to a priced round of funding. We lead or follow at the pre-seed and seed stage – typically, we are one of the first institutional investors. Our first check is ~$100K; as companies grow, we reserve follow-on capital to support them in future rounds, typically $200K – $4M. While we are headquartered in Dallas, our investments span across the globe.

Contact Information
David Matthews
311 N Market St, Ste 200
Dallas, TX 75202