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TEN Capital Quick Pitch

Join TEN Capital Network LIVE for our next Quick Pitch session featuring a select group of TEN clients and an experienced panel of investors. During this event, a handful of TEN Clients will have a chance to pitch and connect to our featured panel of tech investors. Come get a rare view of the pitch process and hear feedback in real-time. This month's guest panelist is Vadim Balashov, Managing Partner at Viaduct Ventures.

How Technology is Innovating (and Improving) Global Financial Markets

Today’s financial markets are deeply dependent on technology to improve their function and enable expanded access to all participants. But why is technology so fundamental to modern markets? In this month’s Austin Forum, Optiver’s Scott Richardson and Luke Wilson will walk us through the role of financial markets in today’s society and how technologies, like machine learning and reprogrammable hardware, make modern financial markets possible.​

Discussion of “The Metaverse: And How it Will Revolutionize Everything”

The metaverse is actually already here—but in such early, limited forms that it may be difficult for some to understand and imagine just how powerful and revolutionary it can—and will—be. Matthew Ball’s new book, "The Metaverse: And How it Will Revolutionize Everything,” is designed to open our minds to the possibilities and prepare us to visualize, or at least embrace, the tremendous growth in capabilities and importance of the multiverse. Join us for a lively discussion moderated by Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer of SXSW (and huge book lover). Read the book (or a summary), or just come listen to...