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Yard Party: The Happy Hour for Entrepreneurs

If you are a new entrepreneur in DFW, we invite you to Yard Party! But...what is Yard Party? This is a happy hour to welcome new entrepreneurs to the startup scene and a space to connect with other entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders. what resources are available for you and plug into a community for trailblazers and innovators. When: May 25th, 2023 - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Where: Nickel City - 212 S. Main Steet, Fort Worth, Texas 76104 Pay for your own drinks. Come & go at your leisure. Casual attire & casual networking environment.

Welcome to Sparkyard!

Welcome to Sparkyard! Fort Worth is home to a wealth of resources designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs launch and grow their business. From city and county resources to non-profit foundations and for-profit companies, our area is committed to helping grow our economy by supporting the birth of new companies. However, launching a new company can be tricky and far too often people looking for help with their business spend too much time trying to track down the right resource at the right time. That’s where Sparkyard comes in. Our mission is to help companies grow and prosper by providing business owners...