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September WomenRISE: When a Bubble Bath Doesn’t Cut It

Just when the summer is cooling down our WomenRISE breakfast is heating up. Join us at our September WomenRISE: When a Bubble Bath Doesn't Cut It with Michelle Kelly, Ph.D. Texas Woman's University, Director of the Health and Wellbeing Initiative. This workshop is focused on the foundational skills of self-care and their tie to professional success. Wellness has become a big business. And while this is not a bad thing, it can send mixed signals to women entrepreneurs. This discussion will focus on the foundational essentials of self-care and encourage participants to begin to develop their personal wellness plan.

Budget like a Boss: Mastering Your Business Finances

Join us at our next Saturday Workshop, Budget like a Boss: Mastering Your Business Finances with Elle Hall-Coleman, Girlfriend's, Budget! L.L.C. We're thrilled to invite you to this exciting workshop that aims to empower you with a deeper understanding of your business finances. Throughout the session, we will explore various aspects such as your business goals, account structure, desired revenue, and the importance of creating a business and personal budget. We'll even provide insights on how to effectively save for your business and taxes. Get ready to elevate your financial knowledge and take control of your business success! Speaker Elle Hall-Coleman is the...

How to Write a Focused Business Plan

In this workshop you will gain understanding why we plan and the three questions that will determine success or failure. We'll also learn key items like. How do I price? What will this cost? and What is my financial return? We will cover: The concept of planning for today and the future The three fundamental questions that determine everything else Are you writing a novel or a short story? What will it cost me to get started What are my monthly costs How...

The Profit Playbook

Who Should Attend: anyone with a business or those planning to start a business. What You Will Learn: What you should be doing right now to get a stampede of new customers that pay, stay, and refer. The most expensive mistakes business owners are making and how to avoid them completely. How to structure your business in a way where you attract your best customers and repel the folks you don’t want to work with. How to design your business to make over 7-figures ($1,000,000+) in revenue....

Simple Steps to Starting Your Business

Join Certified SCORE mentor Mark Lenz as he walks us through the Simple Steps. Proper planning is key. One myth is that the majority of small businesses fail. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, after two years in business, the majority of startups succeed; after five years, about half fail and half succeed. Proper planning and hard work is the only way to guard against failure. You are on the right track with Simple Steps for Starting Your Business. Action Points: -Getting started -Turning your ideas to a business -Marketing your business -Financial matters -Stepping out and taking action