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Company Grand Reopening: Things to Consider

Is your business ready for post conronvirus economy? The coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting impact on how business is conducted moving forward. Have you addressed all of the adjustments, shifts and pivots needed to re-open in the near future? If you are in a time of slow growth, or your business is currently shut down, NOW is the time to prepare for the influx of sales when the country re-opens. The demand for your product or service is still there – it may just be “paused” due to government regulations or a shift in consumer spending habits/priorities. Below is a list...

Frost Bank Presents “Managing Cyber Risk: Remote Working”

Concern about the spread of COVID-19 has generated the largest “work-from-home” mobilization in history. Employees working from home may not have the same safety measures in place to protect their company’s information and devices. With cybercriminals exploiting the current state of uncertainty, employees must remain diligent and aware of potential scams and threats. Human error can be costly. Right now is a prime opportunity to remind your team of appropriate precautions to safeguard your business and employees from unauthorized access which can lead to denial of service attacks, data breaches and theft, ransomware, scams and viruses. Some items to keep in mind: ·       Remain...

From Spirits to Sanitizer

There are a couple of things every Fort Worthian knows - that best barbeque joints in town, or the best places to hear live jazz music. Another thing every Fort Worthian knows is that COVID-19 has changed our community and livelihoods. The looming threat lingers over the city, with the best defense being actions we can do to stave off the virus ourselves and to protect others: staying inside & washing your hands. What is something else every Fort Worthian knows? When the community needs help, we do what we can to chip in. And that’s what Acre Distilling (