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Bookkeeping and Accounting Lunch and Learn with Cadence Bank

Discover the foundations of accounting and bookkeeping and gain insight from industry experts at Cadence Bank. This session will delve into crucial strategies and best practices to help you manage your financial records and improve your business’s financial health. During this event, you will: Gain knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping principles and their importance in the current business market. Discover practical techniques to organize, analyze, and maintain financial records and transactions in your organization. Learn about invaluable tools and the importance of diligent accounting practices. Opportunities to ask questions and participate in engaging discussions. Connect with like-minded professionals and grow your professional network. Don’t miss this opportunity...

Funding Your Non Profit Organization

This Workshop is where you can learn how to research the various funding options that are available for your non profit organization. In addition, you'll learn about the Fundraising laws, how to market on social platforms, and so much more! We can give some basic guidance in order to help you make your fundraising journey a success! We will cover the following funding options: -Funding Your Non profit -Monetary Donations -In-Kind Donations -Service Fees -Unrelated Income -Grants & Grant Writing