Exporting to Expand Sales

If you have a website to sell your products or services, you have the potential to reach markets beyond your immediate borders! In this globalized world, every business should be prepared to offer products or services to international markets. One of the best ways to begin is to take the Export Assessment at export.gov. Below are four free assessments you can take to learn more about exporting based on your experience:

  • Are You Ready to Export? Use this assessment tool to see if you’re ready to export.
  • Assessment for New Exporters: This questionnaire for new exporters includes areas to consider when determining your level of export readiness, and provides an initial assessment of your exporting needs and capabilities.
  • Assessment for Expanding Exporters: This questionnaire provides an initial assessment of the exporting needs and capabilities of firms that are largely reactive exporters, and identifies key considerations when looking to expand into new markets.
  • Assessment for Experienced Exporters: This questionnaire provides a readiness assessment for proactive, experienced firms looking to pursue more challenging, high-growth markets.

Many of these questions will guide you into areas of the export.gov website where you can obtain more information on exporting. You will receive a score once you complete the assessment, which will help you to assess your export readiness, as well as an identification of areas your business needs to strengthen to improve its export activities.

Business Development Managers help Sparkyard companies smooth their entry into worldwide markets with value-added services, including:

  • Preparing marketing plans for international markets
  • Handling export operations
  • Providing international market research
  • Identifying best market prospects
  • Advising on finance and insurance options
  • Working to find customers and partners