WareSpace provides flexible and small warehouse & office solutions to empower small & independent business owners to grow in every way possible.


Founded in 2018, WareSpace was started with the intention of filling a void in the warehousing & storage market by offering the perfect small warehouse unit to small businesses and garage companies across the country. 

WareSpace is a real estate platform that provides the perfect small warehouse, storage, & workspace solution for small to medium size companies in need of space ranging from approximately 200-3,000 SF. Warespace makes the process quick and easy for small companies (often growing out of their basement, garage or self-storage units) to get up and running in a seamless fashion. We service a wide variety of industries including E-commerce sellers, small businesses, creative entrepreneurs and service companies that are in every market. 

Some examples of these companies include: florists, signage companies, plumbers, electricians, event production, real estate staging companies, contractors, fashion and apparel sellers, beauty and cosmetic sellers, IT companies, and interior designers. The common theme among Warespace tenants is that they need a space to both work at a desk and store their inventory in a safe and clean environment. 


WareSpace suites have an upgraded and clean look over traditional warehouse space, offering a fresh and inviting experience for new companies that require space in this size range. The entire facility and the individual units are private and secure, while the amenities and infrastructure are shared – including the loading dock area, bathrooms, meeting rooms, photography studio and kitchen.


The WareSpace user agreement outlines each users intended use of the space (as allowed under local zoning) and will include an extensive number of rules/regulations to ensure that users operate in a safe and respectful manner. The facility includes cameras for security review, and Warespace reserves the right to terminate any agreement with users that break the rules/regulations or pose a risk to others. Warespace has a hands-on management structure, with on-site managers at every location, ensuring that the facility is operating in a safe, clean and responsible manner. 


WareSpace as a Solution- Community & Small Business Enhancement


Currently, there is not a quality offering for businesses who require a small warehouse workspace. Until now, companies with a limited budget were limited to makeshift options that did not truly serve their business – including home basements & garages, self-storage facilities and subleasing small pieces of a larger warehouse space. Warespace provides the perfect long-term solution for this growing class of tenants– providing the perfect solution for them, and their communities, to succeed. 

WareSpace’s pioneering real estate approach has led to its facilities being a catalyst for economic growth in every location. Local businesses have been able to grow, hire and buy locally. 


Services Provided

Networking and Associations

  • Small Business/General


  • Conference/Meeting and Event Space
  • Coworking
  • Makerspace / Hackerspace
  • Office Space

Operations and Logistics

  • Freight and Distribution

Accelerators and Incubators

  • Accelerator
  • Incubator (Specialty)

Events and Community Building

  • Pitch Events
  • Startup Drinks
Contact Information
Jeff Jenkins
3131 W Bolt St
Fort Worth, TX 76110