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Cybersecurity in 2022: Growing Threats, And What You Can Do

March 1 @ 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm CST


Every company, government agency, and individual depends increasingly on the computers, computing devices like smartphones, and the networks that connect them, presenting opportunities for cybercriminals. As Covid pandemic measures have pushed people and businesses increasingly online and remote, attackers have pivoted as well, exploiting weaknesses in these technologies. Always a present threat, today’s exploits are now automated, pushing us to automate our defense as well. Many threats–even if larger in scale–remain the same. Phishing, credential re-use, known vulnerable components, the traditional attacks continue to provide criminals with a steady stream of access to private networks and personal data. It seems that nobody, and no company or agency, is safe from cyber theft—from individual hackers who steal identities and personal financial information, to more organized, even international, efforts that attempt to capture an organization’s data and hold it for ransom. Is it going to get worse? What can we do?

Fortunately, lessons learned from watching adversaries can also be applied to improve our defenses. Proactively looking for indicators of compromise, adding two-factor authentication, and thwarting credential re-use are easier today than ever before. Join us as Gabe Schuyler, a cybersecurity expert now with WizIO, explains the types of computer and network vulnerabilities and how they are exploited, examples of a variety of attack types and threats, and explains why they are possible, why they happen, and what can/should be done to prevent them, or at least recover from them. Gabe will close with some very practical advice on what your companies/organizations, and you individually, can to do be more secure against cyberthreats.

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