About Us

Our Mission

To cultivate a connected and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Fort Worth area through a comprehensive platform that connects entrepreneurs and business owners to the resources they need to launch and scale their companies.

How do we accomplish this?

Sparkyard connects a large network of primarily nonprofit service providers offering a wide variety of business-building services for small businesses. We facilitate the linking of these resource organizations to one another and to established, emerging, startups, and small businesses throughout the region.

Sparkyard partners with numerous Resource Partners in Fort Worth, Tarrant County and beyond. Head over to the Resource Navigator for a comprehensive list of Resource Partners and the services they provided.

Your next step

Complete a Spark Plan request providing as much information as you can as well as 1-2 obstacles you’re working to overcome. Our Sparkyard team will compile that information and provide you with local resources that are customized to your specific needs. This referral service is provided at no cost to you!

Online Search Option

The Resource Navigator® allows you to do your own customized Fort Worth business research 24/7.

Sparkyard Team

Kendel Rogers, Marketing Queen

Marco Johnson, Entrepreneur Cat Herder

Jamie Barnhart, Data Baser Extraordinaire

Cameron Cushman, Chief of the Light Bulb Moment

Advisory Board

Homer Erekson, Texas Christian University

Kelly Baggett, City of Fort Worth

Cameron Cushman, UNT Health Science Center

Darlisa Diltz, North Texas Entrepreneur Education & Training Center

Amy Rasor, Better Business Bureau

Cortney Gumbleton, Locavore Fort Worth

David Steed, Equus Quo, LLC