Top 5 Events in the Summer of 2023

As the summer heats up, so does the anticipation for some of the most relevant and engaging business events in DFW. These events provide a platform for professionals across industries to gather, network, and gain invaluable insights into the latest trends, strategies, and innovations shaping the business world. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and make meaningful connections, this blog is your ultimate guide to the summer’s top five must-attend business conferences. 

Virtual Workshop: Supercharge your business with ChatGPT and AI 

It is no secret that Chat GPT has changed the business world tremendously since it became accessible to the public. Entrepreneurs should consider integrating this technology into their daily business practices to be at the forefront of their fields. This virtual workshop will teach you to do just that! 

Better Business Bureau (BBB) will host this virtual presentation and the renowned business expert Teri R. Moten, MBA, also known as Your Business Problem Solver. Discover AI’s revolutionary impact on your business by learning how to tailor customer interactions to create personalized experiences, generate leads, propel marketing campaigns, efficiently streamline tasks, automate processes, and ultimately save you time. Gain inspiration and be fully prepared to implement winning strategies through the real-life case studies and success stories taught in this presentation.  

The event is June 29th at 1 pm, and tickets are available in the link. (free) 

Dallas Business Journal’s 40 under 40 event 

Across industries and ambitions, Dallas Business Journal has selected dynamic leaders who met the challenges of the pandemic with tenacity and resilience. These North Texas men and women represent innovation and excellence in their fields, making DFW a better place to live and do business through their valuable contributions. You can help Dallas Business Journal honor and celebrate 40 of the region’s brightest and most talented leaders under 40 at our 15th annual 40 under 40 Awards.  

This inspiring event on July 20th will allow business owners to understand better what it means to innovate in a changing environment and provide encouragement and motivation for entrepreneurs.

The event is July 20th at 4 pm, and tickets are available in the link. ($250 – $7,500) 

DigiMarCon America 

If you want to expand your understanding of digital advancements in marketing, this event is the summer event for you. DigiMarCon America 2023 offers a unique opportunity to hear from influential digital marketing, media, and advertising speakers, gain valuable insights into emerging strategies, innovative technologies, and best practices to elevate your business, network with thought leaders, and expand your professional connections. Learn more about the jam-packed session of this premier online conference on their website.  

By attending DigiMarCon America 2023, you’ll equip yourself with the necessary tools for digital marketing success. Prepare to challenge conventional thinking, embrace new ideas, and leave with actionable insights to propel your agency, team, or account to remarkable achievements.

The event is July 6th through 7th, and tickets are available in the link. ($575 and up) 

2023 Women in Leadership (WIL) 

Numerous studies have demonstrated that companies with higher representation of women in executive positions tend to have better financial results, greater innovation, improved decision-making, and enhanced overall business outcomes. Learn more about such companies at this highly anticipated event. The Women in Leadership (WIL) seminar series is specifically curated to honor and uplift women who hold leadership positions and are pioneers in their respective fields. The seminar’s panelists and workshops tackle issues that matter most to women and provide valuable insights to empower women in their leadership journey.  

Businesswomen will walk away from this opportunity with new tools and professional connections to help them thrive in any business environment.

The event is July 27th at 8 am, and tickets are available in the link. ($45 – $2500) 

Dallas Startup Week 2023 

Connectivity is crucial in a metroplex as large as DFW. And for startups, one connection can change the trajectory of your entire business. From September 10th – 14th, the DEC Network is hosting Dallas Startup Week (DSW) in Frisco, one of the biggest networking events of the year for startups. Small business owners and entrepreneurs will gather for a five-day celebration to generate momentum and recognize opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. DSW was launched in 2015 to raise awareness about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in North Texas and amplify its influence on the local community. Since then, DSW has dedicated itself to organizing a comprehensive week-long series of entrepreneurial events to provide the tools, inspiration, and knowledge needed to help startups initiate, develop, and expand their businesses. 

The event is September 10th through 14th, and tickets are available in the link. (free)  

From learning how to implement AI to celebrating leaders of industry, this summer has many opportunities to refresh your business practices and participate in the community. Take advantage of one or all these opportunities by registering in the links below! 

Register here: 

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