A look at Sparkyard in 2022

Sparkyard held its grand opening during the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Week. We thought this would be a great opportunity to see how 2022 shook down with some general stats and entrepreneurial assistance. 

Total number of website Users: 13,909 (22% increase from 2021)

Fun Fact: With the exception of the United States, the top 3 countries that have  interacted with our website are the Philippines, United Kingdom and India. 

Total Sparkyard Pageviews: 31,577 (3% increase from 2021)

Fun Fact: Similar to last year, with the exception of the Sparkyard homepage, the top 3 most   viewed pages on the website are: 

  1. Business Entity Types 
  2. Resource Navigator  
  3. Calendar

Total Published Blogs: 35

Sparkyard had the opportunity to have 7 guest authors in 2022 which included Women and Mentorship by Council Woman Tamara Payne and The Age of SHE-cosystem by Instigator of the Year Awardee Darlisa Diltz.

Number of blog views: 4,344 (9% increase from 2021)

Fun Fact: The number one viewed blog post this year was written by Sparkyard’s very own Kendel Rogers which lists 7 Fort Worth Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Needs to Listen To.

The Innovate Fort Worth Favorite Innovator posts have been highlighting the podcasts guests favorite innovators. The Hall of Fame tally for episodes 1-50 is Brad Hunstable from Linear Labs. Johnathon Morris and Dr. Michael Williams are close runner-ups.

Brad Hunstable, Linear Labs
Jonathan Morris, Fort Worth Barbershop & Hotel Dryce
Dr. Michael Williams. Chancellor University North Texas Systems

Spark Plan Requests: 79

Fun Fact: The top 3 most requested assistance from Sparkyard are: 

  1. Marketing and Sales 
  2. Business Planning 
  3. Grants

Number of referrals made: 312

Fun Fact: The top 3 most referred Resource Partners are: 

  1. SCORE Fort Worth 
  2. Tarrant County Small Business Development Center 
  3. 1Million Cups Tarrant County 

A look at all three years

Stay tuned for what Sparkyard has in store for 2023 and beyond! 

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