7 Fort Worth Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Needs Listen To

Starting a business can feel lonely sometimes. You have a lot of questions or are not sure what questions you should ask! Learn from other entrepreneurs who have “been there, done that” through Fort Worth’s local podcasts. Find your new favorite podcast as well as a new community of support. You can find these podcasts on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Innovate Fort Worth – Join entrepreneurial ecosystem builder, Cameron Cushman from HSC Next, as he interviews entrepreneurs and innovators about their startups, and how those businesses are impacting Fort Worth. Whether he is talking to a small business owner or to policy makers, he gets down to “business” with questions you really want to know, perfect for your drivetime commute.  

Learn more about innovation in Fort Worth here: https://www.unthsc.edu/innovate-fort-worth/ 

It’s Go Time with Mayor Mattie Parker – If you need to stay up to date on policies and decisions made in the local government, turn to the Mayor of Fort Worth’s podcast. Mayor Parker releases bite-size episodes that can be listened to anytime. Get to know Fort Worth better by listening wherever you listen to your podcasts.  

Learn more about what is happening in local government here: https://www.fortworthtexas.gov/government/mayor/go-time 

On the Same Page with Tony & Henry – Two local entrepreneurs share stories and laughs as they talk about life, love, friendship, and culture in Fort Worth. Tony Green, Fort Worth’s “Ambassador of Happiness” and Henry Abuto, local chef and writer, dive into various topics from business to personal life.  

Get social with Tony & Henry here: https://www.onthesamepagepodcast.com 

Stories with Soul Jamey Ice is a Fort Worth celebrity. From being in a rock band (psst….Green River Ordinance in case you wanted to add them to your playlist), to renovating homes, everything Jamey does is with passion. In this podcast, along with co-host Jimmy Williams, they get to know other entrepreneurs on a deeper level and understand the “soul” in their business. 

Get a little more soul in your day here: https://www.6thavestorytelling.com/podcast/jimmyandjamey 

The Antipreneur Show – Local “anti”preneur, Dan Bennett, is shaking up how you do business. He is diving into concepts and topics with industry experts and entrepreneurs to help people find the most helpful advice in a world full of noise.  

If you love going against the status quo, check out The Antipreneur here: https://imtheantipreneur.com/

The FoundHers Club – As an entrepreneur herself, Cortney Gumbleton is familiar with the unique challenges that female founders face when starting a business. What better way to help other women entrepreneurs than to have a conversation around their experiences and sharing stories to help connect, support, inspire, and empower. Join Cortney as she hands the mic to women-led businesses and share their voice on innovation, entrepreneurship, and much more.  

Join the FoundHers Club here: https://www.foundhersclub.com 

The 817 Pod – Described as “Fort Worth’s Monday Morning Show,” The 817 Pod is like reading the morning newspaper…but for your ears. EJ Carrion, CEO of The Student Success Agency, and Jimmy Sweeny, serial entrepreneur, talk about issues in Fort Worth through the lens of entrepreneurs. From local events, to interviews, to politics, to culture, The 817 Pod is a quintessential part of your day…just like that morning cup of coffee!  

Tune into The 817 Pod here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1317631 

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