10 Most Read Blogs on Sparkyard 2022

In the summer of 2021 we ran the numbers and showed the Top 10 Read Blogs for the previous year. We decided to run the numbers again in 2022 and see what’s changed in the last year and what content our readers like to see. So here’s the updated top 10 posts of all time (since we launched in 2019)! 

10. Burn the (Traditional) Business Plan! posted June 17, 2021

Most entrepreneurs write a business plan, but it quickly becomes outdated. And, if you ask some of the most famous entrepreneurs, they never even had a business plan in the first place. Though business planning is important before you launch, coming up with the perfect plan shouldn’t stress you out. 

This post has also been translated into Spanish. 

9. Innovate Fort Worth Podcast: Favorite FW Innovators posted July 1, 2020 

Get to know some of the favorite Fort Worth innovators, as chosen by other local innovators. (#5 last year) 

8. Fort Worth Ranks 13th in Population, 40th in Early Stage Funding posted July 8, 2020 

Fort Worth moved up a spot and ranks 12th in population now, but our Early-Stage funding isn’t any better. This article shows where we stand in funding, according to Pitchbook, when we ranked 13th. (#3 last year)

7. Are you a female entrepreneur in TX who needs funding? posted March 15, 2022 

Grant opportunities offered by The Center for Women Entrepreneurs, at Texas Women’s University. The deadlines for the grant opportunities run between April 25, 2022 through October, 21, 2022. Check them out now! 

6. Accelerator vs. Incubator: Which One is Right for You? posted July 21, 2021 

The terms” accelerator and incubator are frequently thrown around in the startup world. What do they really mean and what can they do for entrepreneurs? 

5. Frost Bank Presents…Response Act Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What You Need to Know posted April 24, 2020 

The COVID pandemic brought many new assistance programs to our business community. But which one is right for you? And do you qualify? Let our expert from Frost Bank be your guide… 

4. Recruiting Jobs vs. Growing Jobs posted March 23, 2022 

New research shows that newly established local companies create five times more jobs than companies that relocate to Fort Worth. 

3. Texas Startup Indicators: 2020 Update posted May 20, 2021 

How did COVID-19 impact local funding? This article provides an update from the previous Startup Indicators article and how we continue to stack up against other large Texas cities. (#4 last year) 

And holding the top two spots for both years are…. 

2. Texas Startup Indicators: How does Fort Worth Compare? Posted July 23, 2020 

A picture is worth a thousand words and this article shows you seven pictures that paint a picture of Fort Worth’s current startup landscape and how it compares to other large Texas cities. Spoiler alert, it’s not a pretty picture.  

1. Fort Worth’s First African-American Entrepreneur posted June 21, 2021  

John Pratt, an entrepreneur who was a trailblazer, an inspiration and a guide to many entrepreneurs after him. Read how this man overcame adversity and beat the odds to become recognized as the first African American entrepreneur in Fort Worth.  

This post has also been translated into Spanish. 

Similar to last year, Sparkyard readers love Fort Worth data about our entrepreneurial ecosystem. Comment below if you have a topic or follow-up blog you’d like to see Sparkyard post about. Cheers to another year of captivating and informative content!  

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