The Age of the SHE-cosystem!

Have you ever heard the term “women rule the world”?  Of course you have, and if not, tadaaahhh, today is your day!  What an awesome time to be a woman!  As we look at the landscape and how the professional scope is changing, it is important for us to know and understand how we fit into the fold of what some may call….The SHE-cosystem. 

As life evolves and the landscape of the workplace changes, taking on additional tasks, assuming higher positions and taking on life’s everyday challenges can become a bit overwhelming at times.  As tradition would have it, women tend to wear many hats.  This is not to say that men do not; however, for women it tends to be a longer process of release or forgetting to actually say no.  

In the increasing era of mental stress, social responsibility and instant gratification, it is important for us to lean on the support systems put in place around us that help us build meaningful relationships that could potentially eliminate burnout.    

So what is a SHE-cosystem and how do you become a part of one?

Finding a circle of friends or like-minded individuals to help you in life is essential for personal growth and development.  Aligning yourself with people of similar values helps to not only relieve stress, but it also boosts confidence, self-awareness and in many cases, makes us accountable for our own actions.  In essence, this is what building a SHE-cosystem is all about.  No, this does not have to be exclusive to women only, rather individuals that will help you remain focused on the greater rewards of life.  Check out some of the resources below that provide opportunities to connect, network and engage with likeminded individuals. 

The Center NTX

Every second Saturday of the month, they host a themed event aimed to support small business owners. These events include opportunities to shop and support local businesses, meet other entrepreneurs and hear from a subject matter expert on the topic chosen for that month.  Their next event called Self-Care Social is scheduled for April 9, 2022 from 10am-2pm. 

The Center NTX is a flexible workspace, virtual mailroom & office, and a la carte services designed to meet entrepreneurs needs through inclusivity and collaboration.

1 Million Cups

Wednesday mornings at 9:00am, communities around the world gather to share stories, participate in community conversations and help local business owners solve potential issues impacting their business.  This open platform allows members of the community the opportunity to help individuals determine “What the 1 Million Cups Community Can do For Them.”  This session is held virtually and in-person in northeast Tarrant County.

Local Chambers of Commerce

Don’t forget about your local Chambers of Commerce who can help you connect to the resources, contacts and potential customers that your business needs. 

In short, being connected to the right people can lead you to the right places that will help you to do the right things.  If you are ever in the market for additional resources and opportunities to connect, like entrepreneurship education programs or a free business assessment, please visit North Texas Entrepreneur Education and Training, LLC. We would be happy to help connect you to our additional resources and opportunities.

About the Author

Darlisa Diltz is hardworking, Entrepreneurial, Energetic, Passionate, Ethical, and Creative. These are just a few words to describe her. She takes pride in delivering effective strategies with regard to business development, strategic planning, and Entrepreneurial growth. She is dedicated to rendering effective outcomes and helping individuals reach their desired goals. She is seasoned in areas of leadership, stewardship, and guidance to all those of whose path she crosses. Building solid relationships and impacting change is what she does best.

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