Texas Startup Indicators: How does Fort Worth Compare?

Over the past few months, we have been compiling data from PitchBook, a proprietary research tool that focuses on early stage investment data, and turning that data into charts that help showcase Fort Worth’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are seven thousand. These charts paint a rather solemn picture of Fort Worth’s current startup landscape, as Cowtown ranks last in all categories when compared to other large Texas cities.

TX Startup Indicators

Just because Fort Worth is currently lagging behind doesn’t mean we have to stay behind. The real failure would be for the city to accept last place and do nothing about it. But that isn’t who Fort Worth is. Fort Worth is a proud and resilient city full of hard-working, passionate creators, innovators, and leaders. Yes, we have a problem, but it is not an insurmountable obstacle. If we as a collective city can come together, from local government, to entrepreneurs, to investors, and everyone in between, we can start to move forward.

This all sounds somewhat dramatic. After all, entrepreneurship is just one small part of any city and its economy, right? Well, not exactly. Entrepreneurship is more of a force for economic growth than most realize. Startups account for most all new job creation, year over year, while companies older than 5 years actually destroy jobs. What’s more, entrepreneurship is one of the few opportunities we have to solve big problems, create meaningful change, all the while generating income and growing the economy.

If you want to learn more about entrepreneurship’s economic impact, check out this article by Cameron Cushman, Director of Innovation Ecosystems in UNTHSC’s Department of Research Development and Commercialization, and Les Kreis, managing partner and co-founder of Bios Partners, Fort Worth’s only venture capital firm.

If you’re interested in more of Fort Worth’s entrepreneurial data, check out these posts to see just exactly how Fort Worth stacks up in several categories.

Don’t believe me when I say the Fort is full of creators, innovators, and leaders? Well don’t tell that to the guests of Innovate Fort Worth, UNTHSC’s podcast that highlights the people on the leading edge of Fort Worth’s startup community. Check out this post as these makers and trailblazers share their favorite Fort Worth innovators.

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