Frost Bank Presents “Managing Cyber Risk: Remote Working”

Concern about the spread of COVID-19 has generated the largest “work-from-home” mobilization in history. Employees working from home may not have the same safety measures in place to protect their company’s information and devices.

With cybercriminals exploiting the current state of uncertainty, employees must remain diligent and aware of potential scams and threats. Human error can be costly. Right now is a prime opportunity to remind your team of appropriate precautions to safeguard your business and employees from unauthorized access which can lead to denial of service attacks, data breaches and theft, ransomware, scams and viruses. Some items to keep in mind:

·       Remain vigilant regarding phishing attacks.  Do not open attachments from unsolicited emails. Never click links within attachments (even if they look secure and to be from a trusted government agency or charity). Rather than clicking the link, go directly to the company or agency’s website.

·       Never respond to or give out personal, financial or confidential information via email.

·       Never perform a wire transfer request without first confirming with a phone call.

·       Provide clear guidance to employees of the information they are obligated to protect. Exactly what information and which systems are sensitive and private?

·       Always access company systems through a secure Virtual Private Network. Two-factor authentication should be required for all passwords.

·       Have security and anti-virus systems up to date on all company issued devices including company phones, tablets and computers.

·       Prohibit employees from sharing work devices with family and friends.

·       Create a system for employees to report lost or stolen devices.

Reviewing employee work from home guidelines, business continuity plans, network security, third-party vendors and cyber liability insurance coverage are important to maintaining and protecting your business during this uncertain season.

Amy Doze

Frost Insurance

[email protected]


Property and casualty insurance agent and risk management advisor. More than 14 years professional insurance experience including 9 years as a senior underwriter specializing in technology companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, schools, the food industry, and law firms. I partner with companies to deliver custom risk management and insurance solutions. Our team provides resources including tools and training to protect your company’s bottom line, employees, customers, vendor relationships and investors.

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