From Spirits to Sanitizer

There are a couple of things every Fort Worthian knows – that best barbeque joints in town, or the best places to hear live jazz music.

Another thing every Fort Worthian knows is that COVID-19 has changed our community and livelihoods. The looming threat lingers over the city, with the best defense being actions we can do to stave off the virus ourselves and to protect others: staying inside & washing your hands.

What is something else every Fort Worthian knows? When the community needs help, we do what we can to chip in.

And that’s what Acre Distilling ( did when they saw the shortage of hand sanitizer due to the emergence of the Coronavirus. Using their expertise in creating their nationally revered spirits, they jumped into action to begin production of “hand elixir” and disinfectant spray in their distillery.

With the primary ingredient being ethanol, they also add “…water and xanthan gum…plant-based thickening and stabilizing food additives,” into their hand elixir to kill bacteria and germs ( As of March 25, 2020, their website states “we will give it away with orders of Acre retail bottles. We will also give it away, free of charge, to those that are vulnerable to the virus and who cannot afford or want to purchase Acre spirits.”

I am impressed with that in times of uncertainty, Acre Distilling jumped into action with what they had and knew the right thing to do. That is what I call the Fort Worth “Spirit”!

So, here is another thing every Fort Worthian knows. Our local small businesses depend on us. The foodies, the beer connoisseurs, the families that are house-bound – you can have a direct impact on our local economy. The economic repercussions are undoubtedly scary for every small business owner right now, so if you have the means and want to help your city, please consider buying local.

If you are interested in picking up hand elixir, please call ahead at (817) 632-7722 so they may set up a time to have you pick up your order while still complying with social distancing practices for the safety of you and their employees. Their (drinkable) alcohol is still available for purchase on their website at

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